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About us

We are a prominent central Europe manufacturer of the CHP units, microgeneration units and trigeneration units for natural gas, biogas and other fuels. The company’s management, development center and production are located in Brno, the important Czech center of science, research and innovative technologies. In the development and production of CHP units we emphasize reliability, flexibility and functionality of the design. Equally important to us is the fair dealing and the partnership approach.


We consult with our customers about their plans and carefully prepare the optimal technical design for the installation of CHP units. We are also constantly developing our after-sales services and improving the quality of our service and dispatching. We believe that this is the way how we can achieve the satisfaction of our customers and partners.


Way of Gentec

The Division of CHP Units is established as a part of Karla spol. s r.o. We enter into a partnership with MAN, the engine manufacturer.

We carry out our first projects in which, aside from the CHP units, we deliver the entire turnkey projects.

We implement the first projects with MTU engines.

Our installation project of the 999 kWe CHP unit for Sedlecký Kaolin a.s. wins the Ministry of Industry and Trade award for the Business Project of the Year in the Energy Savings category.

The company GENTEC CHP s.r.o. is established, into which the activities of the Division of CHP Units are transferred.

We deliver the turnkey projects with CHP units for the leading energy companies such as Innogy Energo s.r.o.

We enter into a long-term partnership with Innogy Energo s.r.o. for the CHP unit deliveries.

We successfully enter another European market - the Great Britain market.

We enter into the partnership with Veolia a.s. for the long-term CHP unit deliveries.

We supply CHP units to nine European markets and we prepare further expansion.

We develop hydrogen-fueled CHP units, the AI-based CHP unit control system and large CHP units above 10 MWe.


Innovation and Development

We attach the utmost importance to the innovation and continuous improvement of our products and services. We have completed complex projects with SCR, we can burn a dual fuel, we can handle the trigeneration. We are developing the hydrogen based CHP units and we are involved in the development of the CHP unit control system which makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here are the three main lines of development we are investing in and which we believe are linked to the future of the power engineering industry.

Innovation and Development
Large-Scale Cogeneration

Large-Scale Cogeneration

The CHP units with the output between 3 MWe and 10 MWe will provide stability and flexibility to the grid in the future. We want to be there.



This fuel will be an integral part of the future of power engineering. And our CHP units will burn this fuel. We are among the first to invest in the development.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence will be part of the control systems of our CHP units and this will, among other things, facilitate the process of aggregating the CHP units into the virtual power plants.


Where We Operate

We deliver our CHP units to the markets below:

  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Bulgaria
About us

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