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Conference New energetics

How to save on energy bills? CHP units are one of the options

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    Seznam Zprávy, the web information portal, published an article How to save on energy bills? today. The biggest changes in 100 years are coming, experts say, quoting our colleague from GENTEC who is responsible for the Business Development in the Czech Republic.

    The article states, for example, the following:

    A CHP unit of 50 to 75 kilowatts can be designed for a new development project with some 150 to 200 apartments. In combination with a gas boiler and photovoltaics on the roof, this can make sense energetically,” said Jiří Novák of Gentec CHP, one of the leading Czech manufacturers of this technology.

    Experts recommend similar units especially for companies or hospitals or hotels that consume the energy on steady basis. “Of course, it is always necessary to consider the price-to-output ratio. The costs for the CHP unit amount to about half of the total cost of production. If the supply is well operated, the payback should be reached within eight years,” Novák added.

    According to experts, the power and heat distribution system will change significantly in the near future and there will be more small energy supplies. For example, breweries or hospitals will produce power or heat. The availability of consumption will be monitored by so-called flexibility aggregators. “They will concentrate the output from the operators of individual supplies to manage their deployment efficiently. There are already two certified aggregators on the Czech market, namely Innogy and E.ON,” said Pavel Šolc, a member of the ČEPS Board of Directors.

    It is important to add that Jiří Novák said in the same statement that the new (development or other) projects should be primarily connected to CHS wherever possible. Wherever CHP units can be used, you can find for example here.

    The press conference was held as part of the Energetika 2021 Conference. CHP units and the combined heat and power (CHP) in general was a frequently discussed topic.