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Version Options

The GENTEC CHP units are supplied in 3 standard versions:


The version without the sound enclosure is the cheapest version of the delivery which is suitable mainly for industrial buildings and soundproof machine rooms, boiler rooms, or heating plants and other technical rooms.

  • Low price
  • It is necessary to install them in the prepared technical rooms
  • The whole CHP unit is installed at a time

Sound Enclosure

The version with sound enclosure is a compact module that is ready for installation and immediate start. It is characterized by low noise levels and easy installation at the customer's site. The version with sound enclosure is suitable for all buildings and industrial sites.

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Low requirements for additional space
  • Low noise level
  • It can be placed in a non-soundproof technical room in a building


The containerized version is designed for outdoor installation so that the CHP unit can be commissioned at the customer's site in a minimum amount of time. Container with the CHP unit functions as a mobile machine room and it is equipped with all the necessary technologies. It is placed as close as possible to the point of consumption of heat and electrical energy in order to reduce energy losses.

  • Low price
  • No need for technical rooms in the customer’s buildings
  • Weatherproof
  • Low noise level
  • Mobility of the CHP unit
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